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Game V4
Version New
Category Role Playing
PlayStore ID com.nexon.v4jp
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V4 1.21.319602 APK
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“V4” – ▶ ゲーム紹介 ◀
■ 快適な育成&充実のバトルが楽しめるオンラインRPG


■ 最大600人で展開する『大規模フィールドバトル』

■ サーバーの垣根を超えた大規模協力と抗争の場『インターサーバー』

■ メイン装備もフィールドプレイを通じて入手


■ 自由市場経済を実現した取引所システム





– Android 6.0以上:設定>アプリ>アクセス許可エントリを選択>権限リスト>アクセス権限同意または撤回を選択
– Android 6.0未満:オペレーティングシステムをアップグレードしてアクセス権を撤回したり、アプリを削除
▶ Game introduction ◀
■ Online RPG where you can enjoy comfortable training and fulfilling battles
Not to mention clearing missions and defeating monsters
Characters become stronger with every action, such as collecting and creating items and increasing friends.
Enjoy various battles and contents with the characters you raised!
Equipped with a function to grow crispy automatically!

■ Free character making and costume & dyeing system!
Character making is your freedom!
Even if you are not good at character makeup, you can easily create it just by selecting from abundant presets!
With a costume system that further enhances the charm of customized characters
A dyeing system that allows you to adjust the color in every detail is also installed!

■ “Large-scale field battle” with up to 600 people
A 600-person field battle that you have never experienced is waiting for you.
Experience a large-scale conflict reminiscent of PCMMO!

■ “Interserver”, a place for large-scale cooperation and conflict that transcends server boundaries
Realize a super-large battle where many servers gather in one place.
Meet the fierce men who challenge beyond the server with a heavy strategy with allies!

■ Main equipment is also obtained through field play
Materials required for equipment and strengthening can be obtained from the field instead of gacha!

■ Easy to move using vehicles!
Run around the vast field with various vehicles such as penguins and dragons!

■ Exchange system that realized a free market economy
You can buy and sell the equipment and items you have obtained with Red Gem (primary currency).
There is no limit to the price setting, and players are free to buy cheaply and sell high!

◇ Official site:
◇ Official Twitter:

■ Smartphone application access authority guidance
When using the app, we are requesting permission to provide the following services.

[Required access authority]
Save Photo / Media / File: Used to save game installation files, update files, and attach screenshots needed for support when making inquiries.

[Optional access rights]
Camera: Used to shoot the materials needed when contacting the support center.
* You can use the service without agreeing to the permission of the optional access authority.

[Withdraw access]
–Android 6.0 and above: Settings> Apps> Select Permission Entry> Permission List> Permission Agree or Withdraw
–Android 6.0 and below: Upgrade operating system to withdraw access or remove apps
* The app may not provide individual consent, and you can revoke the access right by the above method.

  • Requirements :- Android 5.0+
  • Users :- 2972+
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 100,000+

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