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Star Shoot VS 3.6.0 APK
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“Star Shoot VS” – Star Shoot VS is a laid-back online shooting game.
It is really easy to play, even if you are not good at shooting games!

You can enjoy an online battle with global players immediately after downloading!

It only takes 1-3 minutes per game, so you will not get tired.
If you share a device with the game installed on it, you can also enjoy a local battle with a person nearby using the same screen.

The aliens each have unique skills.

– The Curve Shot swerves.
– The Ghost Shot vanishes on the way to the opponent.
– The Heavy Shot is very large.

These are some examples.

Let’s try to aim for the space champion using our skills well!

= How to Play =

The rules are simple.
You win when your bullet hits an opponent.

However, it is difficult to hit at first.

Break floating boxes, and get the P (power up item).

When you get the P, your moving speed goes up, and you will be able to use stronger skills.

The stronger the skills, the more energy they consume.
The key to victory is that you have to judge the timing of use of the skills.

= Game Modes =

– Global online battle.
– Friends online battle.
– Local battle using one device for two people.
+ Adjusted staging of P-box hits.
+ Faster login.
+ Skill balance adjustment.
+ Various other fixes and improvements.

  • Requirements :- Android 5.0+
  • Users :- 2957+
  • Rating :- 2.0
  • Installed :- 100,000+

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