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SOS Game 3.2.0 APK

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SOS Game 3.2.0 APK
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“SOS Game” – You can play SOS, which is an old and classic game, against the device or with your friend from the same device in a simple and eye-pleasing design.

The aim of the game is trying to write SOS with the letters “S” and “O” that can be used on both sides; who makes the most SOS wins the game. SOS can be made from top to bottom, left to right or diagonally. If you make SOS, it will be your turn again. Your strategy here is not to give your opponent the opportunity to make SOS while you are trying to make SOS.

When you choose to play against the device, you will face two difficulty levels.

– The first is the NORMAL difficulty level which is designed to let you gain experience with the game. In this mode, artificial intelligence makes simple moves to allow you increase your score during the game. But after you increase your score to a certain level, this time it can use all its skills to win the game.

– The second is the HARD difficulty level. Playing in HARD level requires a very deep concentration to prevent your opponent to make SOS. Artificial Intelligence is a very strong opponent at this level.

We hope you enjoy our game; Have a good time.
Design improvements

  • Requirements :- Android 4.1+
  • Users :- 370+
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 50,000+

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