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“Merge Dreams” Android Mobile Casual Game Download.

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“Merge Dreams” APK Android Casual Game:-

Game Merge Dreams
Version New
Category Casual
PlayStore ID com.starry.mergedream
Play-Store Merge Dreams

Merge Dreams 1.5.0 APK
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“Merge Dreams” – ✪To Wanderers:

Get ready to experience the romance between merging and fairytale and the journey of creation and exploration. Gather, merge, collect, and build wonders… you will find different companions to experience the fun wonderland from the fairytale. Merge three into one, five into two. The fun experience tailored for every player. Get ready to experience the magical world! Use your imagination, explore and decorate the wonderland in your very own dream.

✪ Game Features

[Mysterious Level & Wonders]: There is a rich variety of scenes and levels, bringing in unpredictable changes throughout the gameplay. There are different atmospheres and items, which can be closely connected to the scenes. There is a wonder building exclusively for the stages to build the beautiful realm in dream.

[Summon Companions in Cute Art Style]: Meet your companions in cute style. Slide your finger and merge with ease. Experience the wonderland with no sorrows.

[Free Customization in the Wonderland]: This beautiful wonderland is your home. Feel free to make use of your imagination to showcase the most beautiful home world. Beautiful soundtracks that offer intense and fun gameplay.

[Fun Events]: You might run into many surprises throughout the exploration. Experience the unexpected story and the fun exploration. Bring them together and enjoy the mysterious wonderland.
V1.5.1 Changelog
Added new lands and treasure chests that can be unlocked by watching ad videos
Added the description of the order production formula
Added display of the available time of the red fairy

Shorten the cooling time of the quick remove tool
Optimized market page
Optimized the UI interface of airdrop options

  • Requirements :- Android 4.4+
  • Users :- 1557+
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 50,000+

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