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Merge Cats : Land of Adventures APK

“Merge Cats : Land of Adventures” Android Mobile Puzzle Game Download.

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“Merge Cats : Land of Adventures” APK Android Puzzle Game:-

Game Merge Cats : Land of Adventures
Version New
Category Puzzle
PlayStore ID com.okg.mergecats
Play-Store Merge Cats : Land of Adventures

Merge Cats Land of Adventures APK
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“Merge Cats : Land of Adventures” – Merge cats is a real cat world with a dozen fluffy critters and awesome puzzles where you can fuse practically anything!

Fuse coins, flowers, and trees to obtain glittering bonuses.

Discover our animal friends’ planet for ancient treasures!

Compete increasingly complex puzzle stages and collect the best rewards to decorate the largest of camps!

Fuse and develop kittens — achieve stronger breeds. Organise a great construction and help the fluffy ones restore the islands’ former beauty!

Game features:
* Hundreds of items to fuse!
* Chance to be the cat world’s pioneer!
* More than a hundred various quests!
* Vibrant locations!
* Fusing items and restoring life stream!
* Restoring lost colours to the lands!
* Relaxation and mind fitness in one!
* Puzzle and secret search!

Huge eyes, tiny ears and a wet nose are the cutest! Download the game and keep paws and whiskers along 24/7!
* Fixed Coin Storages and Stone Storages
* Upcoming Pirate event on 21.05.2021
* Fir and Gingerbread Season on May 2021
* 200+ new cats
* Gem Mine available in the Camp
* Added the ability to get missing rewards at the end of the event
* Chest storage: get additional chests as a reward for completing levels
* Promo codes will bring you nice bonuses
* Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Discord and get rewards
* Expanded game and Camp settings
* Improved performance and reduced game size

  • Requirements :-
  • Users :- 317+
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 100,000+

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