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“Masters of Madness” APK Android Casual Game:-

Game Masters of Madness
Version New
Category Casual
PlayStore ID com.antiway.mastersofmadness
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Masters of Madness 1.8.0 APK
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“Masters of Madness” – Masters of Madness is a dark-fantasy clicker/idle game where you can tap manually or engage different minions to collect souls for you. Collect souls, cast sigils, and summon Cthulhu. With each ascension you will meet the Outer Gods and acquire their Blessings for even stronger runs!

If you are a fan of H. P. Lovecraft, you’ll want to give Masters of Madness a try. Features:

– Handcrafted pixel art visuals and an eerie atmosphere
– A tough, lasting road to ever-increasing gains
– Lovecraftian minions and dark powers that boost them
– Secret Achievements waiting to be discovered

You can:

– Draw sigils to invoke powerful spells
– Fulfil offerings to collect Elder Blood and unlock artifacts
– Summon Cthulhu to restart your run with new unique blessings
– Keeps track of all your important statistics in the journal
– See ads only if and when you choose

Contact us at [email protected] for any questions and feedback!
– New item: Occult Shrine
– Now all minions belong to one of three categories, Servitor, Beast, Envoy, with matching icons.
– Early game Ether gain improved.
– Leviathan Soultap Blessings buffed.
– During Time Jump Ravens now collect as normal.
– Some Powers have had their Prices changed, some minor balancing adjustments regarding Soultap
– Two new Secret Offerings
– Other minor improvements and bugfixes

  • Requirements :- Android 4.4+
  • Users :- 3751+
  • Rating :- 10.0
  • Installed :- 100,000+

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