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麻雀モバイル 雀龍門M -リアル麻雀- 3Dグラフィック【麻雀アプリ】 2.1.5 APK

“麻雀モバイル 雀龍門M -リアル麻雀- 3Dグラフィック【麻雀アプリ】” Android Mobile Board Game Download.

“麻雀モバイル 雀龍門M -リアル麻雀- 3Dグラフィック【麻雀アプリ】” APK Android Board Game:-

Game 麻雀モバイル 雀龍門M -リアル麻雀- 3Dグラフィック【麻雀アプリ】
Version New
Category Board
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Play-Store 麻雀モバイル 雀龍門M -リアル麻雀- 3Dグラフィック【麻雀アプリ】

M– D 2.1.5 APK
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麻雀モバイル 雀龍門M -リアル麻雀- 3Dグラフィック【麻雀アプリ】 2.1.5 screenshots 1

“麻雀モバイル 雀龍門M -リアル麻雀- 3Dグラフィック【麻雀アプリ】” – 【雀龍門M紹介】

リアル3D麻雀アプリ 雀龍門M -リアル麻雀-

それが『麻雀モバイル 雀龍門M-』
・東風 / 半荘 / 三麻 の各モードの詳細戦績
[Introduction of Jakuryumon M]

Real 3D Mahjong App Jongryumon M -Real Mahjong-

With a variety of productions and their customization
You can experience the realism of mahjong and the exhilaration of mahjong
Ultimate online mahjong
That is “Mahjong Mobile Jakuryumon M-”
For players all over the country with a smartphone
Anytime, anywhere, with anyone
You can easily enjoy a heated game.
■ Three modes to hone your arms
・ Official game where you can challenge a heated and serious game with players from all over the country
・ Practice battles including friend battles to practice with friends and AI battles to practice carefully alone
・ Free battle that you can play until you are satisfied
■ Analysis and evaluation of mahjong style
・ Detailed results of each mode of Dongfeng / Hanso / Sanma
・ Analyze your strengths and weaknesses with radar charts
■ Customization
・ Hand decoration to decorate the hand to hit mahjong
・ Character avatars and various voices
・ Titles and trophies that represent strength

  • Requirements :- Android 5.0+
  • Users :- 3619+
  • Rating :- 10.0
  • Installed :- 50,000+

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