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英雄*戦姫WW 1.5.2 APK

“英雄*戦姫WW” Android Mobile Simulation Game Download.

“英雄*戦姫WW” APK Android Simulation Game:-

Game 英雄*戦姫WW
Version New
Category Simulation
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“英雄*戦姫WW” – 世界中の英雄たちが覇権を争う、地域制圧型シミュレーションRPG




Regional control simulation RPG where heroes from all over the world compete for supremacy

“Hero * Senki WW”

Aim for world domination with “Beautiful Girl Heroes” drawn by popular illustrators such as Ashito Oyari! !!

■ Synopsis
Picked up, sold, rolled up, swept away, tied up and relied on, the hero who lost his memory becomes the king of Zipangu, an island nation in the Far East, holding hands with the heroes of each country and confronting a conspiracy involving the world.

■ Game points
・ Auto battle, regional control type simulation RPG that can be enjoyed easily and easily at 3x speed
-A tactical battle system that takes place on the familiar 3×6 board in the series.
・ Strategically fight through, considering the compatibility and brave of 9 attributes!
-Manipulate multiple units to push through the map and develop the battlefield to your advantage!
-Full of elements such as abundant character development elements!
・ If you raise the liking of your favorite “Bishojo Hero”, there will be a special scenario … ♡
【英雄*戦姫WW v1.5.2アップデート】


  • Requirements :- Android 6.0+
  • Users :- +
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 10,000+

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