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我是大神仙 3.1.13 APK

“我是大神仙” Android Mobile Casual Game Download.

“我是大神仙” APK Android Casual Game:-

Game 我是大神仙
Version New
Category Casual
PlayStore ID com.dreamcattle.xianerdai.fanti
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3.1.13 APK
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“我是大神仙” – 《我是大神仙》是壹款放置掛機類遊戲,玩家通過挑戰關卡、積累資源,來在修煉、靈寵、仙器、法術等模塊下進行戰鬥實力的提升。玩家在對戰過程中,會自動釋放隨機的已領悟法術。每壹關包含10波敵人,最後壹波為BOSS,每10關會出現壹個大BOSS!!


“I Am a God” is a free-standing game. Players can challenge levels and accumulate resources to improve their combat strength under the modules of cultivation, spiritual pets, fairy weapons, and spells. Players will automatically release random comprehend spells during the battle. Each level contains 10 waves of enemies, the last wave is BOSS, and a big BOSS will appear every 10 levels! !

During the battle, players and enemies will take turns to release basic attacks or spells, and the attack speed will affect the frequency of attacks. If the enemy’s HP drops to 0 first, the player will challenge through this wave; if the player’s HP drops to 0 first, the player will be defeated. After being defeated, the player will return to the first wave of this level and start the challenge again.

When you encounter a level that has never been able to challenge successfully, you can use the reincarnation function to return to a certain proportion of the previous level of the current level. And inherit the spirit pets and fairy tools, as well as the spar and jade needed to strengthen them, and at the same time obtain the reincarnation attribute enhancement. In this way, when the player rises to the same realm again and challenges the same level, they will have a stronger combat strength. Repeat this cycle until you finally pass all 600 levels.

  • Requirements :- Android 5.0+
  • Users :- 114+
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 5,000+

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