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地城超商物語 – 休閒放置型遊戲 1.0.6 APK

“地城超商物語 – 休閒放置型遊戲” Android Mobile Casual Game Download.

“地城超商物語 – 休閒放置型遊戲” APK Android Casual Game:-

Game 地城超商物語 – 休閒放置型遊戲
Version New
Category Casual
PlayStore ID com.inca.dmtw
Play-Store 地城超商物語 – 休閒放置型遊戲

– 1.0.6 APK
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“地城超商物語 – 休閒放置型遊戲”♥ 超Q的勇士送錢上門啦 ♥





▶ 遊戲特點
– 擁有多種超Q的動作、可愛造型的勇士們
– 開各種超商,並合成商品販售
– 賺了錢, 搬到更好的地城
– 透過重生提高金幣獲得量,再次挑戰地城超商
– 遊戲開著放置可以賺錢,不玩遊戲時也可領取線下獎勵
– 自由訂製各超商店員的外型
– 可單手玩的休閒模擬經營放置型遊戲

▶ 注意事項
– 遊戲數據跟購買數據都保存到您裝置上,如刪除遊戲就會失去遊戲數據
– 遊戲支持用FB保存數據功能,即使遊戲重新安裝或者換裝置,也可以隨時下載接著玩遊戲


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♥ Super Q warriors are sending money to your door ♥
Dungeon warriors are waiting for you to open a super business
Let’s educate the cruelty of warrior society together!

You were deceived by the “liar rabbit” of the black heart and bought a dilapidated cave!
Now… it’s your turn to get a vote from the Warriors!

The first step: hype the dilapidated cave into a legendary dungeon.
Step 2: Set up a “Dungeon Super Merchant” at the entrance of the cave to attract the warriors who are attracted by profit and make huge profits!
Step 3: Throw the warriors to the sky and empty their pockets.
Step 4: Catch the treasure chest that flies past, and you can get the treasure!
Step 5: Look at the warriors crying and running away, laugh as much as you like!

Continually develop the luxurious “Dungeon City” and continuously upgrade the “Super-Business Simulation Game” of “Dungeon City Super Commercial”!
Get huge benefits from the wallets of regional warriors!
A casual dungeon simulation business idle game that makes money when you open the game and you make money when you close the game!
Looking for a casual game that can be played easily? It’s right to open a supermarket in our dungeon!

If you don’t know how to do it, throw the Warriors into the sky! This will make you rich!
Let’s educate the warriors about the cruelty of society!

▶ Game Features
-Warriors with a variety of super-Q moves and cute shapes
-Open various supermarkets and sell synthetic products
-Earned money and moved to a better dungeon
-Increase the amount of gold coins obtained through rebirth and challenge the dungeon super business again
-You can make money while the game is open and you can get offline rewards when you are not playing the game
-Freely customize the appearance of each super shop assistant
-A casual simulation business idle game that can be played with one hand

▶ Note
-Game data and purchase data are saved on your device. If you delete the game, you will lose the game data
-The game supports the function of saving data with FB, even if the game is reinstalled or the device is changed, you can download and play the game at any time

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Customer Service Email of “Digong Super Commercial Story”:
[email protected]
1. 新增小遊戲 《誰是真正的勇士?》
2. 新增自動合成功能
3. 新增《迎春紀念禮包》
4. 廣告系統調整

  • Requirements :- Android 5.0+
  • Users :- 280+
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 10,000+

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