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叫我官老爷 – 原创宫廷模拟当官手游 3.0.04031204 APK

“叫我官老爷 – 原创宫廷模拟当官手游” Android Mobile Simulation Game Download.

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“叫我官老爷 – 原创宫廷模拟当官手游” APK Android Simulation Game:-

Game 叫我官老爷 – 原创宫廷模拟当官手游
Version New
Category Simulation
PlayStore ID com.szckhd.jwgly.azjianti
Play-Store 叫我官老爷 – 原创宫廷模拟当官手游

– 3.0.04031204 APK
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“叫我官老爷 – 原创宫廷模拟当官手游” – 叫我官老爷是一款原创经营养成当官手游,以官爷为第一视觉生动呈现,娶妻纳妾、生孩养娃、冷宫休妻、家族联盟PK、培养门客、多人社交等精彩玩法。



红颜失宠 冷宫休妻

奉旨当官 前途无量

官升极品 掌控大权

红颜知己 美人相伴

结为亲家 自由聊天


客服联系邮箱:[email protected]
商务合作邮箱:[email protected]

Call me the official master is an original official mobile game with nourishment to become an official official. It is vividly presented with the official master as the first visual, marrying a wife and concubine. , Childbirth and Raising, Wife Retirement, Family Alliance PK, Cultivation of Doormen, Multi-person Social and other exciting gameplays.

Game Features:

Trade system, global overseas trade, exploration of endless treasures, massive wealth is waiting for you.
The official rank system, from a small official in Sesame to a heavy minister in the court, allows you to experience the ultimate pleasure of being promoted.
The door-to-door system, dozens of well-known people from North Korea all appeared on the stage.
The cross-server system, the cross-server yamen is opened hotly, and it is endlessly fighting for hegemony with all-server players.
Wife and concubine system, you can choose between Yan Shou Huan Fei and various beauties.
Mission system, various mission systems, make your road to promotion never boring.
The alliance system, multiplayer interaction to fight the world together, who will fight for the alliance team battle!

Hong Yan fell out of favor Leng Gong divorced his wife

Even the beauty of the country, after falling out of favor, can be beaten into the cold palace and sent to the dressing room. Sir, would you pity and cherish jade?
The future of being an official is boundless

The new official is in the top position, is it to be a quiet and low-key Sesame official when you first enter the officialdom, or to enjoy the world’s beauties? You figure it out.
Guansheng’s best product is in control

The yamen interrogated the prisoners were shocking everywhere, and the mansion favored his wives and concubines at ease, vividly imitating the luxurious life of an official from multiple angles. In all aspects of viewing, listening, and playing, the player is pulled back from the real world to the quaint Qing court world.
Beauty confidant and beautiful companion

There are so many confidante ladies with you! Willow leaf eyebrows, apricot kernel eyes, cherry mouth, willow slender waist pen tube, the voice of the swan-like warblers, all kinds of classical beauties, accompany you!
Become in-laws and chat freely

Cultivate children to be the champion in the exams, and achieve the fame of lifelessness. In the World Channel, you can invite your children to get married and become in-laws by marriage, and you can communicate freely in the game.

Facebook contact: call me the official master
Customer service contact email: [email protected]
Business cooperation email: [email protected]



  • Requirements :- Android 4.0.3+
  • Users :- +
  • Rating :- 10.0
  • Installed :- 100,000+

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