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三國志 覇道 1.02.02 APK

“三國志 覇道” Android Mobile Simulation Game Download.

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“三國志 覇道” APK Android Simulation Game:-

Game 三國志 覇道
Version New
Category Simulation
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1.02.02 APK
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“三國志 覇道” – 『三國志 覇道(ハドウ)』は個性豊かな三国志の武将たちと共に戦う戦略シミュレーションゲーム!

【三國志 覇道はこんな方におすすめ!】
・『三國志 覇道』のCMを観て興味を持っている

【三國志 覇道(ハドウ)ゲーム紹介】




“Sangokushi Hado” is a strategy simulation game where you fight with the unique Sangokushi warlords!
Set in a vast continent, the warlords of the Three Kingdoms collide in real time and compete for everything!
Aim for unification of China with the heroes of the Three Kingdoms!

[Sangokushi Hado is recommended for people like this! ]
・ I like strategic simulation
・ I like the Three Kingdoms and want to fight with the warlords
・ I like MMO and strategy simulation where users fight each other
・ I have played the “Sangokushi” series
・ I like history and am familiar with the military commanders of the Three Kingdoms.
・ There is a favorite military commander in the Three Kingdoms
・ I am interested in watching the commercial of “Sangokushi Hado”
・ I’m looking for a Sangokushi game where players can fight each other.
・ I was interested in the “Sangokushi” series, but I haven’t played it yet.

[Sangokushi Hadou game introduction]
◆ Warlords of the Three Kingdoms with rich individuality ◆
Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Lu Bu … Many warlords of Sangokushi have appeared!
Koei Tecmo’s original examination is performed, and the “strength” and “likeness” of the military commander are expressed by appearance, ability value, skill, etc.
In addition, the military commander will be active with the first individual voice in the series and a gorgeous cut-in animation production!

◆ Competing for real-time battles ◆
Adopted MMO real-time battle that makes you feel the “competition” of the turbulent world of the Three Kingdoms.
You can give instructions to the troops in the field in real time, and you can freely change the target according to the battle situation.
When fighting between corps, cooperation with friends is the key to victory!

◆ Develop the city with domestic affairs ◆
The first step to supremacy is for the player to become a monarch, carry out domestic affairs, and develop the city.
If the facilities are strengthened, “weapon development” and “technical research” will be possible.
Strengthen your power with your own strategy!

◆ Siege battle where army corps led by the warlords of the Three Kingdoms collide with each other ◆
Join the army and collaborate with other players to capture the city!
The “siege battle” between corps and corps is a large-scale battle in which innumerable units are mixed.
Dominate the city by controlling the offense and defense of various key points, and aim to unify China!

[Supported OS (compatible terminal)]
Android 5.0 or above, RAM: 2GB or above
* Please note that some terminals may not work even if the supported OS version or higher.

  • Requirements :- Android 5.0+
  • Users :- 8487+
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 100,000+

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