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メギド72 絶望を希望に変えるRPG 1.40.0 APK

“メギド72 絶望を希望に変えるRPG” Android Mobile Role Playing Game Download.

“メギド72 絶望を希望に変えるRPG” APK Android Role Playing Game:-

Game メギド72 絶望を希望に変えるRPG
Version New
Category Role Playing
PlayStore ID com.dena.a12021245
Play-Store メギド72 絶望を希望に変えるRPG

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メギド72 絶望を希望に変えるRPG 1.39.1 screenshots 1

“メギド72 絶望を希望に変えるRPG” – 絶望を希望に変えるRPG「メギド72」








【タイトル】 メギド72
【価格】 基本無料(アプリ内課金あり)

・Android 5.0以上(推奨:RAM 2GB以上)の端末


RPG “Megiddo 72” that turns despair into hope
New Megiddo is also available! Let’s overcome the barriers and advance the story with our friends!

▼ Recommended for people like this!
・ I want to enjoy RPG for a long time
・ I want to enjoy the game with 3D characters with high graphic level
・ I want to steadily advance role-playing games
・ I want to develop a character
・ Simple RPG is not enough

▼ Story
The stage is three worlds called the bright world, the critical world, and the evening world.
A boy who lives in criticality meets the demons (Megiddo) who have been exiled from the evening world and saves the world!
Became the chosen boy with “Solomon’s Ring”
Embark on a journey to protect the world from the final war (Armageddon) with the exiled demons!

▼ Megiddo (character)
All Megiddo can evolve to the highest rarity!
As you evolve, the visuals will change and you will also acquire new skills.
Utilizing unique skills and mysteries that differ for each Megiddo
Let’s advance the battle to your advantage!

▼ Game system
Equipped with two original systems!

① Simple but deep [Draft Photon System]
Three types of energy mass “Photon” that springs up on the battlefield
The battle develops by competing with the enemy for that energy.
The behavior of enemies and allies changes depending on the direction of photons!
Read your opponent’s tactics, launch attacks and win!

② Innovative leader skill [Mass Effect system]
The effect on the party members changes depending on the leader!
The points are the characteristics of the leader and the “class” and “style” of each Megiddo.
There are various ways to fight depending on how the Megiddo are combined.
Read the characteristics of the enemy, form a party strategically, and defeat the strong enemy!

▼ Japan Game Awards 2019
Received the Excellence Award in the “Annual Work Category”!

[Title] Megiddo 72
[Genre] RPG that turns despair into hope
[Price] Basic free (with in-app purchase)
[Official Information Portal]
[Official Twitter]

■ Recommended terminal
・ Android 5.0 or higher (recommended: RAM 2GB or higher)
Even if a problem occurs, we cannot provide support such as correction.
* Even if the model corresponds to the recommended device, it may not work properly on some devices and tablets.

■ About game data
Please note that if you delete the app, the game data will be lost.

■ Power saving mode
If you are concerned about battery consumption, please switch the mode in the settings.
* Hideout> Upper left “Menu”> Settings> Power saving mode

  • Requirements :- Android 5.0+
  • Users :- 38291+
  • Rating :- 10.0
  • Installed :- 500,000+

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