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ディズニー ツムツムランド 1.4.45 APK

“ディズニー ツムツムランド” Android Mobile Puzzle Game Download.

“ディズニー ツムツムランド” APK Android Puzzle Game:-

Game ディズニー ツムツムランド
Version New
Category Puzzle
PlayStore ID jp.colopl.dpuzzle
Play-Store ディズニー ツムツムランド

1.4.45 APK
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“ディズニー ツムツムランド” – イッツ・ア・スモールワールドやカリブの海賊、ホーンテッドマンションなど人気アトラクションのステージで、バブルをねらってツムを飛ばす、“はじける”パズルゲームです♪





It’s a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and other popular attractions, this is a “popping” puzzle game where you aim for bubbles and fly Tsum.
Eliminate bubbles with gorgeous and dynamic Tsum skills and aim to clear the stage!

★ ☆ ★
Eliminate many bubbles and aim to clear the stage!
Take your time and fly the Tsum ♪ If you attach the same Tsum bubble, the bubble will disappear!

★ ☆ ★
Popular attractions such as Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean are on stage and appear one after another!
The design and how to play are also different for each attraction ♪

★ ☆ ★
Collect Tsum and use your skills!
Tsum’s skills are also gorgeous and dynamic ♪ Tsum wearing Park’s original costume is also available!

★ ☆ ★
Let’s make a main street ♪
Build a shop and listen to Tsum’s request! You may be able to advance the game to your advantage ♪

■ Tsum Tsum Land is recommended for people like this!
・ Know Disney Tsum Tsum
・ I like Disney Tsum Tsum
・ Looking for a popular puzzle game for free
・ I’m looking for a fun puzzle game even if I play alone
・ I like puzzle games
・ I want to play puzzles to kill time
・ I’m looking for a game with many updates
・ I like Disney
・ I like Disney characters
・ I like Disney movies
・ I like Disney theme parks
・ I like Mickey Mouse


  • Requirements :- Android 4.4+
  • Users :- 42414+
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 1,000,000+

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