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コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG 3.7.0 APK

“コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG” Android Mobile Puzzle Game Download.

“コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG” APK Android Puzzle Game:-

Game コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG
Version New
Category Puzzle
PlayStore ID com.sega.Kotodaman
Play-Store コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG

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コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG 3.6.3 screenshots 1

“コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG” – \\ことばをつなげて快感バトル!コトダマン2.5周年!//







ハッシュタグ #コトダマン
\ Pleasure battle by connecting words! Kotodaman 2.5th Anniversary! //

■ What is Kotodaman?
A new sense RPG that fights with “words”!
Let’s make “words” by combining the spirits of letters “Kotodaman”!
The exhilaration of defeating a strong enemy is awesome once you play!
It’s fun to play multiplayer with friends as well as one person!

■ Kotodaman 2.5th Anniversary is full of “disturbed” events!
・ Get gacha tickets for the number of repeated hits! “Maximum 250 consecutive! Super-prone consecutive consecutive hit summons”
・ Only now for the 2.5th anniversary! You can get more than “10,000 Rainbow Kotodama” equivalent to 100 gachas.
-Legend character “Kiyu & Hakujo” is now available! Half anniversary summons held!

■ “Kotodaman” is recommended for these people!
・ Those who are looking for an RPG that can be played with friends
・ Those who want to improve their vocabulary
・ Those who like puzzle games and crosswords
・ Those who are good at playing with words such as shiritori
・ Those who are interested in games that make and play letters
・ Those who are looking for a game that can be played for free
・ Those who are looking for an educational game that parents and children can play together
・ Those who want to enjoy learning Japanese
・ Those who like cute characters and cool characters

■ How to play
— Let’s go —
“Yu” “ga” “shi” “ki”
① Choose letters and make words!
The meaning of “Kojien” has also been added! More than 290,000 words can be enjoyed at Kotodaman!
(2) “Combo” and powerful “Wow” are activated by the length and amount of words!
③ Various quests are waiting for you!

■ A powerful story
The appearance of the silent army, a swordsman who is becoming more and more threatened by the spread of “silent bugs”, gradually appears …
Childhood friend who has become a blame: Yuki, the hero who is thin in heart, was out of reach.
Still, Yuki who does not give up to regain the original heart,
Go meet the supreme top corps “Yugentai” that fights against the harlot!
However, even the heroic corps was being invaded by silent bugs, and a conflict was about to occur within the corps …

■ Gorgeous voice actors & unique characters!
Tomokazu Sugita / Manaka Iwami / Sumire Uesaka / Maaya Uchida /
Yuki Ono / Mai Kadowaki / Ayane Sakura / Yuichi Nakamura /
Yoko Hikasa / Hiroki Yasumoto / Aoi Yuki / Inori Minase /
Nobuhiko Okamoto / Junya Enoki / Akari Kito / Katsuyuki Konishi /
Daisuke Ono / Maaya Uchida / Yuma Uchida… etc
Super luxurious cast colors Kotodaman!

Official site:
Official Twitter:
Hashtag # Kotodaman

  • Requirements :- Android 5.0+
  • Users :- 40738+
  • Rating :- 7.4
  • Installed :- 1,000,000+

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