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クラッシュフィーバー:パズルRPGで4人協力マルチプレイ! APK

“クラッシュフィーバー:パズルRPGで4人協力マルチプレイ!” Android Mobile Puzzle Game Download.

“クラッシュフィーバー:パズルRPGで4人協力マルチプレイ!” APK Android Puzzle Game:-

Game クラッシュフィーバー:パズルRPGで4人協力マルチプレイ!
Version New
Category Puzzle
PlayStore ID jp.wonderplanet.CrashFever
Play-Store クラッシュフィーバー:パズルRPGで4人協力マルチプレイ!

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“クラッシュフィーバー:パズルRPGで4人協力マルチプレイ!” – ◆パズルに革命!ブッ壊しパズルRPG襲来!◆










◆ Revolutionize puzzles! Breaking puzzle RPG invades! ◆
The name is also destroyed! Pop RPG “Crash Fever”
Enjoy the easiest and most familiar climax breaking RPG (role-playing game) experience!
A popular puzzle game with over 12 million downloads worldwide!

◇ Recommended for people like this ◇
・ I like RPG anyway
・ Those who are not satisfied with the standard puzzle game
・ Those who want to enjoy puzzle RPG
・ I want to play social games with interesting events and collaborations
・ Those who want to experience the unique RPG world of Crash Fever
・ I want to experience the exhilaration of a puzzle game
・ I’m looking for an exhilarating game with a free puzzle game
・ I want to refresh myself with a puzzle game between housework and study
・ Those who want to experience an exhilarating puzzle RPG with easy operation
・ Those who like puzzle games and other games that use their heads
・ Those who want to enjoy both role-playing and puzzles
・ Those who want to enjoy RPG on their smartphones
・ I want to attract cute and cool characters with rare gacha
・ Those who want to get cool monsters and defeat super formidable bosses
・ I like to train cute characters
・ I want to have fun with my friends with popular social games
・ Those who want to enjoy with different users in cooperative multiplayer

[Characteristics of Crash Fever]
◇ Tap to break the panel! ⇒ “Feeling good!” Experience ◇
With Crash Fever, you can experience the highest level of “feeling good” with a simple tap operation. A puzzle game that chains and shatters one after another with just one tap, the battle system has a flashy production of crash skills, a one-shot reversal fever, and various other systems will enhance your “feeling good”!

◇ Exciting positive design with the motif of “virtual world” ◇
Crash Fever is set in a virtual world. A number of productions that emphasize a feeling of floating and immersiveness, with a rounded design on a pure white background. The image of a bright and positive virtual world that has never been seen will make you feel good! !!

◇ With the cooperation of four people, “feeling good!” ◇
If you log in with your friends, you can play cooperative battles with up to 4 players. If you play while communicating, where to break the puzzle, when to use the fever, 4 times more fun and 4 times more comfortable! !!

◇ Communication with friends is cute and easy with stamp chat! ◇
Easy and cute communication with in-game stamps with friends who face strong enemies together!
Let’s have fun with unknown friends!

[Crash Fever World View]
── The Queen
One day, I suddenly went out of control.

Yes, we have her
I was overconfident.

The virtual world is now in chaos.

The future is in your hands.

Alright, let’s go.
Put your presence on that fingertip ──



  • Requirements :- Android 4.1+
  • Users :- 141920+
  • Rating :- 9.3
  • Installed :- 1,000,000+

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