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アイドルエンジェルス:Aegis of Fate APK

“アイドルエンジェルス:Aegis of Fate” Android Mobile Card Game Download.

“アイドルエンジェルス:Aegis of Fate” APK Android Card Game:-

Game アイドルエンジェルス:Aegis of Fate
Version New
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Aegis of Fate APK
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“アイドルエンジェルス:Aegis of Fate”
















█ 女神と繋がる


A neglected battle game of beautiful girl gods! Limited gift code ANGELS100 Enter 100 free gachas as a gift

Idol Angels x Popular Cosplayer Enako Collaboration-Japanese Youkai “Nekomata” is here!

Leave it at will-save the world just by sleeping!

[Game Features]

* Leave it at will

Easy operation with one hand, earning luxurious profits by “leaving” play! Moreover, you can play when you want to play, achieving both life and games!

* 5-person composition

New play method “Goddess Advent”, you can get a super rare goddess just by synthesizing 5 cards with the same rarity!

* Goddess Team

Collect goddesses from all over the world and aim for the strongest team! Clear the stage with increased strength and experience the adventure strategy right now!

* Goddess rank up

Awakening rank up, skill unlock to easily improve your strength! With the inheritance system installed, all goddesses can aim for the strongest! Overwhelm your opponent in PVP competition now!

* Full voice story

Rie Takahashi, Sumire Uesaka, Suzuko Mimori and other gorgeous voice actors will transcend time and space and send you an adventure story with the goddess.

Recommended for those who are tired of the default main screen! You can select your favorite goddess and set it on the main screen!

█ Connect with the Goddess

· Official Twitter:

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  • Requirements :- Android 4.4+
  • Users :- 3531+
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 50,000+

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