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アイアム皇帝 3.4.0 APK

“アイアム皇帝” Android Mobile Role Playing Game Download.

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“アイアム皇帝” APK Android Role Playing Game:-

Game アイアム皇帝
Version New
Category Role Playing
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3.4.0 APK
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“アイアム皇帝” – ゲーム紹介
桜花爛漫の候 ここであなたをお待ちしております


【桜祭りパズル 気軽で面白い】

【限定スキン 春色満喫】

【美人勢揃 花見宴会】

【子供育成 親子遊び】

【後宮争い 妃嬪昇進】

【名人募集 天下布武】

【宮殿新装 後宮花見】

お問い合わせメールアドレス:[email protected]
Game introduction
We are waiting for you here
“Iam Emperor” Sakura Festival Special Event Held! Get plenty of ways to play, lots of gifts, and brilliant exclusive skins!

Game features

[Sakura Festival Puzzle Easy and Interesting]
A new puzzle mini-game is coming soon! Let’s enjoy the cherry blossom scenery with a puzzle!

[Limited skin, enjoy spring colors]
New skins added at Lingyan Pavilion! Let’s dress the minister’s princess in new clothes and see the cherry blossoms together!

[Beautiful women’s cherry blossom viewing banquet]
A huge release of charm with all the beautiful women! Who do you want to see the cherry blossoms with?

[Child-rearing parent-child play]
Raise cute babies, play with them under the cherry blossom trees, and watch their growth!

[Empresses in the Palace Promotion]
Aim for the Lord of the back shrine and survive in a thrilling battle!

[Recruitment of masters: Tenkafubu]
Many military commanders enter the fierce battlefield! Open up your territory and build the strongest empire!

[New palace, cherry blossom viewing in the back shrine]
In the cherry blossom season, the palace and banquet hall of the back shrine have been renewed, and let’s enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom!

[Official Twitter] @IAMEmperorJP (
Inquiry email address: [email protected]


  • Requirements :- Android 4.2+
  • Users :- 2721+
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 100,000+

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