おじさまと猫 スーパーミラクルパズル 1.2.0 APK

“おじさまと猫 スーパーミラクルパズル” Android Mobile Puzzle Game Download.

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“おじさまと猫 スーパーミラクルパズル” APK Android Puzzle Game:-

Game おじさまと猫 スーパーミラクルパズル
Version New
Category Puzzle
PlayStore ID com.square_enix.android_googleplay.ojinekosmpjp
Play-Store おじさまと猫 スーパーミラクルパズル

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“おじさまと猫 スーパーミラクルパズル” – \ 祝!パズルゲームで登場!! /
2018年上半期1番売れた1巻 第1位!







神田冬樹・・・中田 譲治
ふくまる・・・花江 夏樹
森山良春・・・山下 大輝
佐藤もみじ・・・桜咲 千依
日比野奏・・・櫻井 孝宏
小林夏人・・・小西 克幸
マリン・・・伊藤 美来
ママさん・・・井澤 美香子
子猫・・・阿部 菜摘子
メス猫・・・佐藤 はな
オス猫・・・杉山 紀彰
茶子・・・きそ ひろこ
影中敬・・・津田 健次郎
スタッフ鈴原・・・吉岡 麻耶
スタッフ星野・・・花守 ゆみり
ナレーション・・・山下 大輝



メモリ(RAM): 3GB 以上
CPU: Snapdragon 450 以上、626 以上、820 以上
Exynos 7884 以上
Kirin 710 以上、Kirin 950以上


Celebration! Appeared in a puzzle game! !! / /
The cumulative number of books has exceeded 2 million! !!
Volume 1 No. 1 sold first in the first half of 2018!
Broadcast nationwide in 2021 as a TV drama!

Serialized in “Gangan pixiv” and “Monthly Shonen Gangan”
The popular manga “Uncle and Cat” is now available in a match-3 puzzle!

◇◇ Work introduction ◇◇
An adult cat that was left unsold at a pet shop.
Prices are being lowered day by day, and people aren’t looking at them.
A man appears in front of the cat who has given up.
What he said …

“I want it.”

This is a cat and uncle who wanted to be loved by someone
A story that spun heartwarming days.

◇◇ Game introduction ◇◇
◆ Anyone can enjoy it! Match 3 puzzle game ◆
All you have to do is prepare 3 pieces of the same type.
Let’s aim for clearing with more pieces!
The play screen supports both vertical and horizontal.

◆ Relive the story of manga ◆
Faithfully reproduce the heartwarming days of cats and uncles!
Including the best friend Kobayashi, the original characters have appeared!
Many original episodes limited to the app are also included!

◆ Gorgeous voice actors! “Natsuki Hanae” is in charge of the role of Fukumaru ◆
Fuyuki Kanda ・ ・ ・ Joji Nakata
Fukumaru … Natsuki Hanae
Yoshiharu Moriyama … Daiki Yamashita
Momiji Sato … Chiyo Ousaki
Hibino Kan … Takahiro Sakurai
Natsuto Kobayashi … Katsuyuki Konishi
Marine … Miku Ito
Mama … Mikako Izawa
Kitten … Natsuko Abe
Female cat … Hana Sato
Male cat … Noriaki Sugiyama
Chako … Hiroko Kiso
Kei Kagenaka … Kenjiro Tsuda
Chief Yamagami … Lynn
Staff Suzuhara ・ ・ ・ Maya Yoshioka
Staff Hoshino … Yumiri Hanamori
Narration … Daiki Yamashita

◆ Decorate the “Kanda House” in your own way ◆
As you progress through the story, you’ll get new furniture!
Let’s redecorate “Uncle Cat House” with the collected furniture!

◆ Change your character ◆
You can customize it in your own way with the costumes you got!
In addition, seasonal original costumes are also available!

◆ Recommended environment
Memory (RAM): 3GB or more
CPU: Snapdragon 450 and above, 626 and above, 820 and above
Exynos 7884 and above
Kirin 710 and above, Kirin 950 and above

* Even if the above conditions are met, unexpected behavior may occur on some models.

[please note]
* Only officially released OS is supported.
* We do not guarantee that you can play comfortably.

  • Requirements :-
  • Users :- +
  • Rating :-
  • Installed :- 50,000+

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